Best Dog Clippers – Your Dog Deserves It

When it comes to man’s best friend, they deserve nothing but the very best – from the food that they eat and even the grooming tools that are used to make sure that they always look their best. That is why using the best dog clippers are called for. That way, we know that our beloved pet will look well groomed and very much presentable – until the next haircut session at least.

Not all dog hair clippers are created equal. Some simply work much better than others to make sure that our dog gets the best haircut every time. They should be more durable too so with proper care, the best dog clippers will serve you well for years. So why visit a dog grooming salon and spend so much money for a task that you can do yourself with the best dog clippers? Besides, isn’t it a great way to bond with your dog too?

The Best Dog Clippers – Only A Handful To Choose From

Andis UltraEdge AGC
Best Dog ClippersIf you are after the quality of professional dog clippers, then you just can’t go wrong with Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Animal Clipper. Aside from its housing that is known to be break resistant in order to resist the damaging effects of harsh chemicals, its 4×4 blade drive cuts faster because the blade torque is 25 percent more than your average dog clipper. Because it requires absolutely no maintenance, you do not have to waste time oiling or greasing it.

The Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single Speed Clippers are also among the best dog clippers because its single speed clipper is versatile and perfect for grooming your dog. Its universal rotary motor is so powerful that it turns 2100 strokes in just one minute. It even fights bacteria build up with its CryogenX blade with AgION. Should you need to change the blade, you will discover that it is incredibly easy to detach and changing won’t take a minute. With this clipper, keeping your pet well groomed will not be a chore that you will dread. Instead, it is a fun time for you and your pup to bond.

Andis 22340 AGC 2-Speed Detachable Small Animal Clipper is made specifically for small dogs who look so cute when they are well groomed. That is why it is equipped with a dual speed clipper and a sealed 2 speed motor so the it won’t make distracting noises while you cut your dog’s hair. It works great with all ultra edge and ceramic edge blades so if you want to maximize the use of your clipper, you can invest on these items which are sold separately. When you purchase the unit, it will come with a side-10 ultra edge blade, clipper oil, a 14 foot heavy duty power cord and a one year limited warranty.

Man’s best friend only deserves the best and that includes investing on the best dog clippers to make sure that they are well groomed at all times. Keep your dog looking good at all times.